Maintenance of architectural heritage

It is extremely important to maintain the architectural heritage of a building. We help you make the right decisions to safeguard this.

We take steps internally and with leading technical partners to ensure that all technical analysis work is carried out and that short-term, medium-term and long-term budgets are prepared for the work, taking account of the situation reports. We also suggest ways to optimise the space (e.g. In apartments, offices and commercial premises) that comply with all applicable regulations.

We analyse the CECBPlus energy reports drawn up by our partners so that we can precisely understand the energy rating of the building in question. We then identify any work that needs to be done and look into subsidies we can use to help cover it.

We are also able to commission all the necessary and compulsory analysis work to detect pollutants in buildings in the areas where the work will take place.

We respect all environmental and energy-related regulations without compromising on the architectural heritage of your building.