Batiline was established in 2005. It was one of the first “trade” companies to found what later became the Groupe DBS Immobilier.

Initially called Batiline SA - Architecture, Renovation & Consultation, its mission was to take on the role of technical managers for Domicim, an entity of the Groupe DBS Immobilier, which given the magnitude and complexity of the projects, often required the skills of architects and construction managers.

New markets opened up and Batiline developed rapidly, not only managing building renovation projects for the clients of Domicim, but also interior design, conversions and renovations as well as space planning and new builds for new clients.

In 2014 the general contractor Batiline Constructions SA was incorporated to provide its clients with a guarantee of the cost, quality and completion time required for their projects. Prestigious clients such as the Association of National Olympic Committees, Swisscom, HH Sheik of Kuwait and many others offer first-class references.

Its legal character and the range of benefits offered by Batiline SA make it an independent company, but complementary and necessary to the activities of the Groupe DBS Immobilier, which brings together all of the trades needed by the real estate business.

A subsidiary of Foncia Groupe, Groupe DBS Immobilier is the leader in real estate services in French Switzerland and is enjoying significant expansion in German Switzerland. A global real estate player, Groupe DBS Immobilier offers management services, condominium administration, real estate sales, investment, commercial real estate, property scheme management, development, exceptional properties, architecture and renovation, estate management, and mortgage and insurance brokering.

Over the 16 years since it was founded, Batiline has grown from one to more than fifteen team members.

Batiline places its skills, experiences and methodology at the service of its clients and the success of their projects in the field of architecture, renovation, space planning and new builds.

The Groupe DBS Immobilier has over 600 staff in around thirty branches, and represents 9 brands throughout Switzerland, with Domicim, Brolliet, Duc-Sarrasin, Guinnard, Elitim, Batiline, Facilitim and Immosure present in French Switzerland, and the GRIBI brand in German Switzerland.

The Groupe DBS Immobilier is headed by Christophe Hubschmid as CEO. The Executive Committee of DBS Immobilier is composed of:

  • Christophe Hubschmid, CEO
  • Patrick Buffoni, Directeur Batiline, Facilitim et Réalisation Groupe Suisse Romande
  • Frédéric Follonier Directeur gérance-PPE, Suisse région centre
  • Yves-Marie Maître Directeur gérance-PPE, Suisse région Ouest
  • Sandra De Vito Directrice Services Généraux
  • Vincent Collet Directeur Suisse Romande Transactions
  • Paul-Henri Guinand Directeur gérance-PPE Gribi


Patrick Buffoni Director Batiline, Facilitim and Group Works Romandy 021 213 70 65 patrick.buffoni[at]
Rudolf Wegmann Deputy Director - Architect 021 213 70 65 rudolf.wegmann[at]