New build

A site analysis by Batiline enables an owner to check the site’s possibilities for upgrading, depending on its location, potential and assigned use.

Devising a plan enables the regulatory, technical and financial feasibility to be finely consolidated. Commercial optimisation, in strict collaboration with the managers or brokers, ensures for our clients that construction will keep pace with the economic environment of the site and the occasion.

Our team can be consulted at all the stages of the project. Whether at the start of the feasibility study or after obtaining building permission in order to manage the works, our experience and our flexibility allow us to blend into the construction process at any stage.

Batiline offers its clients the choice of their constructions being handled by an architect, works supervisor or planner.

Systematic support of the buyers (Condominiums) is provided within the framework of all of the processes connected with completing the project and the various important milestones that mark its progress.

Guiding and advising purchasers (Condominiums) with respect to the technical choices or choices connected with finishing and interior work.

Submitting in full transparency all of the project documents, including the costs of the project and of those relating to each buyer (Condominiums).

Representing the project-owner during the works (new build, refurbishment, energy efficiency or conversion) in dealings with a builder (general or main contractor), architects or planners (for project and performance acting as an architect or planner).

Guiding and advising the owner throughout the project development process. In the interests of the project owner, keeping within budget and ensuring project development, works planning and completion of the project.

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