Refurbishment and transformation

Batiline draws on teams with longstanding experience in the field of refurbishment and energy-efficiency measures for all types of buildings. By relying on rigorous, precise and methodical processes, we are particularly skilled in the management of complex refurbishments, particularly occupied sites. Introducing these measures whilst enabling residents or users to continue occupancy, in order to preserve the rental income during the works, forms part of our key skills. Batiline offers refurbishment work at a guaranteed or open-book price, whichever the project owner prefers.

Representing the project-owner during the works (new build, refurbishment, energy efficiency or conversion) in dealings with a builder (general or main contractor), architects or planners (for project and performance acting as an architect or planner).

Guiding and advising the owner throughout the project development process. In the interests of the project owner, keeping within budget and ensuring project development, works planning and completion of the project.

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